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Odor Elimination Spray

Allersearch ODRX

Odor Elimination Spray - Allersearch ODRX

Price: $18.95 

Allersearch ODRX is a heavy duty odor neutralizer formulated to eliminate, not cover up, the toughest odors for all washable surfaces. Odors are eliminated at their source.

ODRX odor elimination spray is scientifically crafted formulated and continues to work with a long lasting residual effect.

ODRX eliminates odors caused by organic decay, animals, mold, mildew, smoke, sewage and chemicals.

ODRX odor neutralizer can be directly applied to the surface or used as an additive to clean and deodorize floors, walls and ceilings.

ODRX odor elimination spray works great on and in:

Pet Odors Carpets
Bathrooms Shoes
Closets Boats
Cars Dipper Pails
Basements and More...

Available in 32oz Spray Bottle