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Client Testimonials
The following are some comments from our clients.

Yes, the zeolite is helping tremendously. I'm very sensitive to odors and frequently get headaches because of them. Even though I clean often and have an air cleaner in each room, I couldn't get rid of some odors. Once I got the zeolite, the odors disappeared.

The most impressive change was in my Grandmother's room, who lives with us. She has a multitude of problems and she needs a portable toilet in her room. As a result, it smells horrible in there. Once we put the zeolite in her room, the smell vanished.


Our daughter brought a cat home when she moved back in after graduation. The problem is we already had 3 other cats and now they are marking their territory by spraying.

We have been using the Vital Oxide after we clean up their mess and it has been great at getting rid of the urine smell.

Thanks for a product that works.


Our convertable has a really bad leak and everytime it rains the floorboards in the back fill up with water and the car stinks so bad if we don't get it dried out quickly.

The Zeolite rocks and Vital Oxide worked great. We went out of town for a week and the car was flooded. Dried it out, sprayed it with the vital oxide and tossed the rocks on top. No mildew smells at all.